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We are the only transportation company to offer the cheapest rate for private shuttle service between Waikiki and the Honolulu International Airport.

It typically takes 20 minutes going to the airport from Waikiki. During high traffic hours (M-F 7a-8:30a, 4p-6p) expect about 30 to 40 minutes. We will track your flight with the appropriate flight number and arrive at the airport shortly after your flight lands. If you have any problems with getting out of the airport to meet us, please call to let us know of the delay.

If your destination is other than Waikiki, please contact us for a price quote. In most cases we offer lower rates than other shuttle and taxi companies.

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Direct shuttle each way between Waikiki & HNL.


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Why Hawaii23?

Because we care about you. We promise:

  • Fast and Reliable
  • Private shuttle service to your destination
  • Lots of room for lots of luggage
  • No waiting
  • No additional costs

Maps of Honolulu International Airport (download)